Stefania Fersini

Stefania Fersini (Aosta, 1982) lives and works in Turin.
After a brilliant career as a “unique piece” designer, (with Nucleo, Fersini had
exhibitions in some of the most prestigious art and design fairs such as Design
Miami, Freeze and PAD) in 2012 she begun her personal artistic research. After
mastering and using the most advanced digital representations techniques, 3D
modeling, rendering and mapping, Fersini decided to engage and face the
ancient technique of oil painting. Attracted by the meditative aspect of the
pictorial execution, the artist often uses mimesis and illusion, creating a relation
within reality (the subject) and its own representation. Her works are often site
specific, giving a lot of attention to the context in which her pieces will be
exhibited “each place, its content and my paintings become the frame of an
emptiness”, often negating the image, an absence constantly present in her
Examples of this were seen in her show during the Architecture Biennial (“Show
on Show” 2016 for THE POOL NYC), where Fersini developed an entire sitespecific
exhibition within the rooms of Palazzo Cesare Marchesi in Venice and
her recent solo show for the THE POOL NY Gallery in Milan, as well as in
permanent installations for the Museo Casa Mollino (Turin) presented during
Artissima 2015, and Casa Atelier Fornasetti (MIlan) opened to the public in April
2016. She exhibited in institutions such as the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Paris in 2015, Palazzo Reale in Milan, on the occasion of the Cairo Prize 2016; abroad
in fairs like Paris Photo (Los Angeles 2015) and PAD (London 2015), in Los
Angeles for her solo show at 101EXHIBIT, and in Germany for a double solo with
Nucleo at Ammann Gallery (Koln).