Pierluigi Fresia

Pierluigi Fresia (Asti, 1962). lives and works in the Turin area.
On completing his studies, he started his artistic career as a painter and over the
years he has increasingly combined painting with photography and the written
Pierluigi Fresia’s works have been shown at many contemporary art and
photography exhibits and events (ARTISSIMA, Fiera Di Bologna, ArtVerona,
MIART, MIA, Arco Madrid, Daegu Photo Biennale, and Fotografia Europea), in
several group and solo exhibits in public institutions and private galleries, and
are part of various contemporary art collections owned by private collectors,
foundations and museums, including MART in Rovereto and GAM in Turin.
Pierluigi Fresia is not just a photographer. A poet he might be, an artist he
certainly is.
His works are not photos on which he has pasted phrases or words. They are not
merely the sum of image and text. His creations are concepts imbued with
existentialism. Within them, the relationship between image and writing is
subverted: what are we to consider as the ‘image’ in his work? Is it photography
or is it the word? It is the latter.
The intent behind the works is to actively engage the viewer, who observes,
reads, tries to find the link between image and text, cannot find it, and rummages through his or her own pool of knowledge, looking for answers and certainties.
The artist has no truth to offer but invites observers to construct personal,
subjective stories: every work is a potential story, the incipit is given and the
variations are infinite.
Fresia destabilizes, disorients, forces self-reflection through apparent enigmas,
granting the freedom to create and recreate something that only exists within
those who linger in front of what is given.