Terms and Conditions
1. Subject
The present general terms and conditions of service rule the services offered through the
Website by Caterina Filippini, “Oggetti Specifici” con sede legale in Torino (TO) via Cristoforo
Colombo 48, CAP 10129, iscritta al Registro delle Imprese di Torino, Codice Fiscale
FLPCRN77E46L219K e P.IVA n. 12036690019.
Oggetti Specifici strongly recommend each users of the Website (the “User”) to read the present
general terms and conditions of service (the “General Terms”). It is hereby understood that the
General Terms include each note, legal information and disclaimer published on the Website.
All information published on the Website are available both in Italian and in English language.
The Users hereby declares to have read of all such information and General Terms prior to
access and use the Website, register to it and utilize the Services provided by Oggetti Specifici
through it.
In particular, the User represents and warrants to be a “consumer” according to the applicable
laws and regulation and to purchase the artwork available on the Website exclusively for
personal use. The User hereby further represents and warrants to have the power to purchase
the artworks according pursuant to the conditions set forth under these General Terms.
The registration, access and use of the Website and the Services by the User represent express
acceptance of the General Terms.
Oggetti Specifici expressly recommends to the User to not use the Website and relevant Services
if the User does not intend to accept the General Terms and/or any note, legal information or
disclaimer published on the Website.
2. Amendment of General Terms
At any time, Oggetti Specifici shall be entitled to amend and/or modify, in whole or in part,
these General Terms and each of the notes, legal information and documents recalled by it,
included the privacy policy of the Website (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”).
Oggetti Specifici strongly recommends the Users to periodically verify these General Terms,
provided however that Oggetti Specifici shall adopt all necessary measures to inform the Users
about the amendments and modifications occurred to the General Terms.
All changes to the General Terms will take effect upon the publication on the Website and shall
be considered as accepted by the User that continues to use the Website and the Services.
Oggetti Specifici strongly recommends the Users that do not accept the amendments and/or
modifications to the General Terms to spot to use the Website and Services. In particular, in such
case Registered Users (as hereinafter defined), may also proceed to cancel their Profile by
writing to info@oggettispecifici.com with object “Profile cancellation” or by clicking on “Cancel
Profile” available on “My profile” page of the Website.
3. Age
Upon registration to the Website, the User represents and warrants to be 18 or older and to
have the legal capacity to use the Services.
The User represents and warrants that the all-personal data provided while registering to the
Website are true, correct, updated and referred to the User. The User shall undertake to update
such information and data in case of variation. The User shall be responsible for the information
provided upon registration to the Website.
4. Registration
The access and use of certain Service provided through the Website are freely available to all
In order to use all Services provided through the Website, it is required the registration to the
4.1 Registration procedure
The registration (the “Registration”) requires the User to provide certain personal information,
including a valid e-mail, in order to create a personal account (the “Profile”) and permit Oggetti
Specifici to have sufficient information to supply the Services.
At any time, the User that has completed the Registration (the “Registered User”) can access to
his/her personal Profile in order to update or amend the information provided upon
Registration, including those information concerning his/her preferences. It hereby understood
that the Registered User shall be the sole responsible for the truthfulness and update of such
In case the User should not complete the Registration after having provided his/her e-mail,
Oggetti Specifici may send to the User a limited number of e-mails inviting the User to complete
the Registration and describing the Services provided through the Website. At any time, the
User can cancel the data provided upon the registration procedure by writing at
info@oggettispecifici with object “Profile cancellation”.
4.2 E-mail
The User hereby represents and warrants that the e-mail provided upon Registration is valid and
to access regularly to it.
Should the Registered User vary the e-mail provided upon Registration, the Registered User
undertake to update it as soon as possible. Oggetti Specifici reserves the right to cancel, without
any prior notice, Profiles linked to e-mail addresses belonging to other persons different from the
Registered User or linked to temporary e-mails. Oggetti Specifici reserves also the right to
request the Registered User to confirm the e-mail address provided.
4.3 Right of cancellation
At any time, the Registered User can cancel his/her Profile by clicking on “Cancel Profile”
available on “My Profile” page of the Website or writing to info@oggettispecifici.com with
object “Profile Cancellation”.
The request to cancel the Profile by the Registered Users that have sent purchase order shall be
suspended until the artwork purchase Service has been completed.
5. Description of the Services
5.1 Registered Users
The Services offered by Oggetti Specifici through the Website permit the Users to:
The Services offered by Specific Objects through the Website allow Users to:
-View and discover Specific Objects and the artists who work with the Gallery
– View objects;
– Buy the selected piece and pay the relative price;
5.2. Users
The User using the Website without registering to it may exclusively purchase object published
on it.
For such reason, upon confirmation of the purchase order, it will be required to the User to
provide the necessary information for the payment and delivery of the purchased objects.
6. Service of purchase
6.1 Images
Images, illustrations and videos of objects published on the Website are for illustration purposes
only. For accurate description of any item, the Users needs to read the corresponding written
description. The quality of the published images, illustrations and videos, including color
variation, as shown on the Website will depend on many factors – including User’s display
settings and software. Oggetti Specifici is not responsible for the accuracy of any object
displayed on the Website and disclaims all liability in this regard.
6.2 Price
The prices are, unless stated otherwise, in Euros.
Except where otherwise set out in these General Terms, the price payable by the User for the
artworks is the price given by the Website at the time the User places the purchase order. The
purchase order states also applicable taxes applicable to the purchase. The prices shown do not
include the delivery fee, which will be added to User’s total order price in accordance with
paragraph below.
The delivery fee can be calculated according to User’s postcode, the weight, size, nature and
value of purchase artworks. For more details on the delivery fees, please see “Delivery” page
of the Website.
6.3. Purchase procedure
6.3.1 Purchase order
The purchase are subject to confirmed the availability and that the payment has been received.
In order to send a purchase order, the User shall provide all necessary information required for
the payment and the delivery.
Prior to confirm the purchase order, the User can correct and amend any error on the order
acknowledgment page. After sending the purchase order, the User will receive an e-mail
confirmation that contains details of the purchased artworks, the total costs of the order
including delivery and an order number.
6.3.2 Payment
Upon acceptance of the purchased order, the purchase price shall be charged on the User
according to the following conditions:
– In case the User has chosen to pay by credit card, the purchase price and relevant costs
detailed on the order acknowledgment e-mail shall be charged immediately;
The User represents and warrants to have all necessary authorization to proceed with the
purchase of the selected artwork by using the chosen payment method.
All data and information referring to the User’s payment will be processed through a server-toserver
secure connection that utilizes the SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer).
6.3.3 Execution of the purchase order
Upon order acceptance, purchased object are delivered within the estimated delivery date
indicated in the order acknowledgment e-mail
6.3.4 Delivery
Users shall bear delivery fees and packaging costs.
Delivery fees and packaging costs are detailed in the purchase order and in the subsequent
order acceptance e-mail. Such fees and costs depend on User’s postcode, the weight, size,
nature and value of purchase artworks. For more details on the delivery fees, please see
“Delivery” page of the Website.
Artworks will be delivered to the delivery address specified by the User in the purchase order.
Delivery is to the ground floor front door of the building
Oggetti Specifici will not be responsible for incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information
provided in the purchase order for the delivery of purchased artworks. Oggetti Specifici will not
be responsible for any damage occurred to the artworks after the delivery by the carrier to the
User as well as for any late shipment.
Delivery documents given by the carrier to the User, signed by the User, represent a proof of
Upon delivery, the User shall check the condition of the packing and examine the object. The
User will be asked to sign the delivery documents confirming that the delivery has taken place,
that objects are delivered “free of damage”. If there are obvious damage or object are missing
or incorrect, the User should refuse the delivery or record this on the delivery documents. In
addition, no later than 7 ( seven) days from the date of delivery, the User should also notify it to
Oggetti Specifici, by writing to info@oggettispecifici.com.
7. Right of withdrawal
Users domiciled or residing in European Economic Area (European Union countries plus Iceland,
Norway and Liechtenstein) has the right to withdraw from the sale contract, without a reason or
paying a penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery indicated in the delivery
The User shall exercise the right of withdrawal by making an unequivocal statement setting out
his/her decision to withdraw from the sale contract and send it by an email to
In particular:
– The User shall send back not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery. The
deadline shall be met if the User sends back the object before such period has expired;
– The User undertakes to take all necessary care in preserving and packing. Integrity and
absence of any damage of the object sent back by the User constitute an essential condition to
the valid exercise of the right of withdrawal. Oggetti Specifici will not accept damage objects;
– By sending the object back, the User enclose the invoice and/or transport document or any
other document that proves the date of delivery;
– Delivery risks are borne by the User;
– Fees and costs of delivery shall be borne by the User. Any information concerning delivery
fees and costs are available on “Delivery” page of the Website.
Upon the exercise of the right of withdrawal according to the paragraphs above, Oggetti
Specifici shall proceed to reimburse the purchase price paid by the User, by using the same
payment method chosen by the User.
Without prejudice to the following paragraph, no additional cost shall be charged on the User
for the reimbursement of the purchase price.
8. User’s obligations
The User shall undertake to use the Services exclusively for personal use.
The User shall undertake to not use the Website and the Services for illegal scope or not
according to the present General Terms. The User shall not use the Website and the Services in
such a manner that may prejudice or interfere with the use of the Website and the Services by
other Users.
The User shall further undertake to not use software, algorithms or other features that create or
open link to third party webpages or that require single person or groups of people to access to
third party webpages.
The Registered User is responsible to protect his/her access code to his/her Profile on the
Website and to keep them secret. In case of loss or disclosure to third parties, the User shall
undertake to promptly notify it to Oggetti Specifici by sending an email to
info@oggettispecifici.com. Oggetti Specifici shall not be responsible for any damage, cost or
loss suffered by the User in case of fraud or any other unauthorized use of User’s access code
by third parties.
The User undertakes to use the Service in accordance to the present General Terms and to
applicable laws and regulation. In addition, the User further undertake to not violate third party
rights or use the Service in an inappropriate manner (for example: spam, upload illegal
contents, etc.).
9. Interruption of the Services
In case the User breaches his/her obligations provided under Article 10 (“User’s obligation”)
and Article 12 (“Intellectual property rights”), Oggetti Specifici shall be entitled to cancel User’s
Profile with prior written notice.
Access to the Website may be temporary interrupted in case of technical problems or for
maintenance reasons. Whenever possible, Oggetti Specifici shall promptly notify to the Users of
such interruptions.
At any time, Oggetti Specifici may update, amend or improve the Website and the Services
even in order to correct any error or to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
Oggetti Specifici shall have the right to terminate, in whole or in part, to provide the Service by
giving prior notice to the Users in order to permit them to complete the execution of the
purchase order submitted. In such case, Oggetti Specifici shall notify the termination of the
Service to the Users by e-mail and publishing such notice on the Website.
10. Intellectual Property Rights
Oggetti Specifici is the exclusive owner of, or in any case has the right to use, all distinctive signs
(trademarks, trade names, etc.) published or used on the Website.
All texts, comments, works, illustrations, Artworks, and images reproduced or depicted on the
Website are strictly reserved under copyright as well as intellectual property rights, for the entire
duration of protection of these rights and throughout the world. In addition U-Art exclusively
retains ownership of all rights title and interest in and to (all intellectual property rights of) the
Website on which the service is made available, including but not limited to contents, tests,
design, (including infrastructure) data, know-how, software and information contained or
connected to it /the “U-Art IP”). There Users are not entitled to copy, scrape, (hyper-/deep)link
to, publish, promote, translate, market, integrate, utilize, combine or otherwise use, in whole or
in part Oggetti Specifici without the prior written notice of Oggetti Specifici, except as necessary
to use the Service.
Any use of the Website for different purposes or manner will be considered as a breach of the
User’s obligation provided under this Article.
Oggetti Specifici reserves the right to prosecute any infringement of its intellectual property
11. Privacy Policy
Information and data provided by the User in order to use the Website and relevant services are
processed by Oggetti Specifici according to the applicable laws and regulation as stated under
Oggetti Specifici’s “Privacy Policy”.
12. Final provisions
In the event that one or more of the terms set out in these General Terms are held to be invalid
or declared as such under applicable laws and regulations, other provisions shall remain in full
force and scope.
13. Applicable laws. Disputes
These General Terms shall be construe and governed by the Italian laws and in particular by
Italian Consumer Code (Italian legislative decree 6 September 2005 no. 206) and by Italian
legislative decree 9 April 2003 no. 70 on certain aspects related to e-commerce.
In case any dispute arising out of or in connection with these General Terms between Users
residing or domiciled outside the European Economic Area or not qualified as “consumers”
according to the Italian Consumer Code, courts of Milan shall have the exclusive jurisdictions.