From Oggetti Specifici to

Progetti Specifici

An exhibition space dedicated to artistic research becomes a nomadic and widespread project. Following the new projects here.

the Shop

At Oggetti Specifici you can find sketches, drawings, studies, maquettes, but also unfinished and abandoned works, intimate and precious objects charged with narrative potential; unique pieces and treasures, all authenticated, to begin your first collection, to give something precious, or to elevate with a small gem an already important collection.


the Artists

The artists I have selected for Oggetti Specifici operate within a range of creative processes and belong to different generations. The artists allowed me to walk through the doors of their studios, unveiling the contents of their drawers and archives. With them I selected the pieces that you can find at Oggetti Specifici and that you can purchase both from the Gallery and from the online shop.


„Culture is the rule, art is the exception.“

Jean-Luc Godard
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