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Studio per live painting
Drawing on paper, ink
Cm 21×30

Unique piece, and authenticated

20_01_2019 Mara Redeghieri, Recidiva, Live Painting, Andrea Chiesi, Daniele Galliano, Auditorium Arcangelo Corelli, Fusignano, RV.
Daniele Galliano’s work is characterized from the beginning by its photographic realism and by a look at the everyday life that goes from the intimate and individual sphere to the public and collective expression of crowds. Galliano has been exploring the theme of the crowd since the 90s, with his first paintings on the raves and basements of underground clubs. From these scenes in which groups of individuals emerge adrift in the urban night, he has never abandoned this theme, deepening it and declining it to
contexts, scenarios, degrees of abstraction and the most diverse techniques.
The graphic sign of the work draws on a visual heritage that ranges from informal painting, to hyper-realist painting, to primitivism, to comics, even if the narration does not have its own syntax, but is abandoned to the chaos itself from which it was generated, which itself becomes the protagonist of the work.

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Dimensions 21 × 30 cm