Elena Tortia | Bozza per “Sidekick” Pleura


Bozza per “Sidekick” Pleura
Drawing on paper, watercolor, embroidery
Cm 36×26

Unique piece, signed and authenticated

Can our internal organs affect our mood, pleasure, affections?
The work Sidekick is divided into series, each part dealing with specific organs which interact while the artist is performing.
– first series: 2 hearts – part of the catalogue IMAGO MUNDI – Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche 2015
– second series: 2 lungs with bronchi, 1 ribcage, 2 main bronchi with superior vena cava
– third series: spleen, gall bladder, pancreas
– fourth series: liver, stomach
– fifth series: 3 brain sections
– sixth series: reproductive organs

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Dimensions 36 × 26 cm