Essere un diventar altro_Silvia Margaria

06.05.2021 – 05.06.2021


Each individual, in living, faces a resistance that produces fatigue, because the will to live cannot achieve everything, otherwise there would be no need to will.
To will has meaning in virtue of that resistance, it takes on meaning the moment it goes against the resistance by trying to bring about a change, that is, by making what one is and the things in the midst of which one finds oneself become something else. To become other, each thing must tear itself away from itself; it cannot sit peacefully within itself by becoming other than itself: it must fight against itself, it is at war with itself.
It tries to reposition itself. Hesiod, the man, is not happy; he feels the discomfort of life. He is tired of facing that resistance and living in the will to fight it. Mnemosyne – mother of all muses, memory – does not give solutions, because that is how it will always be. It speaks, however, of moments in which that annoyance disappears, brief moments in which time seems to stand still: those moments make things into memories, and allow us for a very short time to live like Mnemòsine, like a hill or a stream, like a log or a cloud.
Essere un diventar altro is a collection of working material, mainly photographic, of an artistic practice that is built on the concept of value and its possible change, on memory and resistance, on nature as it flows. Print proofs, experiments with slow superimpositions of aqueous solutions, notes, scraps, sketches and quotations tell of a process of research and study that stems from contingency and conservation and then unfolds into visions that, through proximity and relationship, recall and confrontation, narrate a doing that proceeds by trial and error.
The objects in the focus are mainly part of the work of the projects Strùere: and Anthologìa, two works that make analogue photography the medium of expression.