Pieluigi Fresia | Studio per “96 Square Kilometres”


Studio per “96 Square Kilometres”
Photographic print
Cm 30,5×22,8

Unique piece, and authenticated

“96 Square Kilometers” is the measure relating to the surface of the island of Ithaca, are very few, yet from this small strip of land the most disparate reasonings and reflections were born on what we call: homeland, home, travel, nostalgia, love, family, war, revenge, oblivion, knowledge … and who knows how much more. This series of images are a contribution to these timeless thoughts and reflections, even photography in its own way is a desperate but courageous journey towards a small but fundamental point, lost in the infinite sea of our soul, of our desire, unfulfilled and unfulfilled, for knowledge. They are scratched images, raped by traces, signs, … “disturbed” as
disturbed and full of anxiety is the path of those who know what they want but do not know the risks of the journey they must undertake, risks generated primarily by the time that slips inexorable way under our steps and from the fragility of the certainties that should, instead, give us the strength and courage to continue.

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Dimensions 30.5 × 22.8 cm