Ottavia Plazza

Ottavia Plazza (Alessandria, 1992) lives and works in Turin, where she moved in
2012 to study painting at the Fine Arts Academy.
The main subject of her works is color, which falls on the objects and sceneries
that the artist builds within her canvases. Her paintings mostly represent indoor
scenes, whose often made-up perspectives are developed through the use of flat
Ottavia Plazza’s maquettes and drawings are all part of a series of works that
she has realized on canvas and exhibited. The construction of maquettes greatly
helps her in realizing her large format works, as they allow her to visualize the
volume of the works within a certain space. They are mostly necessary for her
pictorial installations, works that are not mounted on a frame and are conceived
to “navigate” a space, to occupy its center. Or, they are used for pieces that aim
at entirely covering the walls of a room, redrawing its perspective.