Alice Visentin

Alice Visentin (a small town outside of Turin, 1993)
Over the years Alice Visentin deepens the dialogue with her maternal
grandmother and with the women of the small mountain town where she often
has long vacations. These relationships inspired her work, allowing her to face
her own family history, that of her community and to obtain a general
understating of the strength of communal living. The visual references present in
her works, such has hats, walking sticks and long dresses are drawn from the
culture and the land of the mountain communities of her origins. This exploration
of her cultural background allowed the artist to understand how knowledge is
produced through rituals and oral tales, and how these processes give new
meanings to objects and encounters. Alice Visentin today lives and works in Turin,
where she studied painting at the Albertina Fine Arts Academy. In 2015 she
founded the Spaziobuonasera with some of her classmates. Her works have been
shown in a number of group shows at: Monitor Gallery, Rome, 2019; Nevven
Gallery, Göteborg, 2018; Basis Showroom, Frankfurt, 2018; Cité Des Arts, Paris,
2017. Among her solo shows: Il comizio, la merenda, il canto with Fondazione
Elpis and Galleria Continua, Avise, Aosta, 2020, Tile Project Space, Milan, 2017.
Over the course of 2017 Alice Visentin was artist Anna Boghiguian’s assistant. In
September 2019 she took part in the project “Per un rinnovamento
immaginista del mondo. Il Congresso di Alba: 1956-2019”, curated by Carolyn
Christov-Bakargiev and Caterina Molteni.