La passeggiata – Percorsi extra: Caterina Roncati, il profumo

Percorsi extra is a series of in-depth events on creation, not just artistic. These specials are designed to know what are the steps, the tools, the ideas to get to a creative object.
Caterina Roncati has occupied the spaces of natural medicine from a very young age, graduated in herbal medicine from the University of Genoa and graduated in Bach flower therapy and naturopathic. In addition to this academic and professional career, you have combined a deep commitment in perfumery by attending prestigious schools and internships in the most renowned academies. With Caterina we traveled a journey to discover how a fragrance is born and the alchemical gift with which she creates real olfactory magic.

Thanks to @caterina_roncati for walking with me and hosting me in the studio of @stregadelcastello