La passeggiata – Elisa Sighicelli, il dettaglio

Elisa Sighicelli is a visual artist, refined, researcher of details.

Elisa Sighicelli uses photography as a material to be manipulated and used in relation to space. Elisa’s research is made up of surfaces, reflections, tactile sensations that take shape in a game of mimesis poised between conceptual investigation and aesthetic research. Suggestions that also materialize in the consistency of the works, which the artist prints on unconventional materials such as satin, marble or glass, expanding the ambiguity of the images thanks to the three-dimensionality of these supports, chosen on the basis of the physical characteristics of the objects and spaces. Her works have been exhibited both in Italy and abroad and can be seen by visiting his website www.elisasighicelli.com

Thanks to Elisa Sighicelli @elisasighicelli for walking with me

Photo @elisasighicelli,

“Untitled (1615)”, 2020

photograph printed on satin

197 x 136 cm