Silvia Mariotti

Silvia Mariotti born in 1980, she lives and works in Milan. She graduated in Painting at Academy of Fine Arts Urbino. Her research develops through the stratification of historical and literary elements and through social and cultural symbols that evoke a sense of unreality, poised between mystery and marginality. Through photography and installations, the artist transfers to the image suggestions and lived experiences, describing mainly nocturnal ambivalent worlds that generate a sort of temporal suspension and at the same time open up new interpretations. The artist aims to bring the viewer in front of an altered dimension of reality or reality itself in its changeable, deceptive and enchanting being. Mariotti has exhibited in various galleries and public spaces in Italy and abroad, among which: Contemporary Art Museum in Lissone, Civic Museum of Recanati, Villa Manin at Passarino, Pirano Civic Gallery (Slovenia), FAAP – Lutetia Palace in São Paulo (Brazil), the Ducal Palace of Urbino and the Center of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia).