Silvia Margaria | Print test on photographic paper for “Strùere”


Print test on photographic paper, panoramic format in b / w, handwritten notes


Photographic paper

Cm 20×27,7

Unique piece, and authenticated


“Strùere” is a latin word that could be translated with “to build” but also with “to batch”. The colon included in the piece of work title, claim a detailed description, a result; they introduce and prove. The photographic approach diptychs two pictures of a different nature, with the purpose of creating what is after the colon. The huts pictured in the black and white panning shots are temporary shelters that seem to spring up only for the pleasure of building them: the Ombrone river, in Tuscany, has a particular deposit in its bed, caused by the erodible nature of the sandy-clay formation of the land where it flows; they fail to restrain the banks, therefore the Ombrone river carries a lot of trunks and shrubs that are often transported to the mouth of the river itself. But the current and the waves of the sea drag them to the shore, where they lay for sometime. With these abandoned trunks, man had the instinct to build some huts.

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Dimensions 20 × 27.7 cm