Jacopo Mazzonelli

Jacopo Mazzonelli (Trento, 1983) lives and works in Verona.
The artist realizes sculptures and installations which investigates visual arts and
music. His research uses techniques coming from different disciplines. Exploring
possibilities in interpreting and visualizing the sound, the artist deconstructs,
transforms and recompose musical instruments. His interest centers on the
“musical gesture”, meaning what underlines the execution as opposed to the
sound produced; this is evident since his works almost always address music
without producing it. He also investigates the perception of rhythm and the
becoming of time. He has held solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2017 he
displays the solo show To be played at maximum volume at MART – Galleria
Civica di Trento, with a monograph catalogue curated by Luigi Fassi and
Margherita de Pilati. His works are present in public and private collections as
AGI-Verona; Caldic Collection, Rotterdam, Unicredit Art Collection; VAF Stiftung
Collection; MART Collection, Rovereto; Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Treviso.
Among his solo exhibition we can mention: Sonografia, Museo Internazionale e
Biblioteca della Musica, Bologna, 2018; VI Vaf Prize-Posizioni Attuali dell’arte,
Schauwerk – Sindelfingen – Stuttgart and Stadtgalerie – Kiel, 2014. From 2017
realizes and interprets performances in collaboration with the composer Matteo
Franceschini and together with the pianist Eleonora Wegher.