Andreas Senoner

Andreas Senoner (1982 Bolzano, Italy) live and work in Florence.
He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and the Facultad de Bellas
Artes San Carlos in Valencia, Spain.
He followed classes of Performance and Sound poetry from artist Bartolomé
In 2006 he was granted a scholarship for Minneapolis College of Art and Design
(Minneapolis, USA) where he attended sculpture classes from artist Kinji
Akagawa, with whom he deepened his wood carving technique. From that
moment, wood has become a permanent feature as a material of expression in
his artistic practice.
Senoner centers his sculptural research on a series of main themes, including
metamorphosis, heritage, and stratification, in a symbolic and material level.
With his sculptures, he delves into the relationships that connect the individual,
the mutable context in which he resides, and the elements that contribute to that
For his artworks, he selects and uses unique materials, mostly from animal and
plant sources – including wood, feathers, lichens, fabric, beeswax – always
keeping in mind their history and process of creation and evolution, while giving
value to those factors.
The preferred medium is wood, an essential natural element, a collector of
memories, a material that allows us to read traces of time – before, during, and
after the artistic process.
Senoner recalls the traditional sculptural processes in a contemporary
perspective, based on the message he needs to convey, searching a language
strictly connected to the concrete nature of the chosen materials and topics
narrated. He tries to establish a dialogue and induce parallelism with the
memories of the viewer.