Tempo ritrovato_Alice Schivardi

08.12.2021 – 22.01.2022


Over the years, I have always maintained a space to dedicate myself to the practice of watercolour as a meditative moment in deep harmony with my surroundings.

Thanks to this technique, I have been able to thoroughly enjoy, by imprinting on paper of different invoices, the emotions I experienced directly in those moments, connecting me to that deep part of me that speaks in colour.

As travel notes, I directly transformed emotions into colour,

I collected a diary containing memories.  This method of reflection, while at the moment remaining a world apart in my career, actively participates in my project analyses and perfectly complements my idea of investigation into the multiple phenomena that surround us.

The delicacy of water soaked in colour when it dissolves and expands on the paper is a process that connects me with an intimate time that I rediscover more and more precious.