Bruno Pontecorvo (aka Pierluigi Pusole) | Studies for Il porto di Torino (Duomo)


Studies for Il porto di Torino (Duomo)
Print on cardboard with ballpoint pen inserts
Cm 48,5×35,3

Unique signed piece, and authenticated

Biro pen details have been inserted on archive prints for the study of a new project.
The port of Turin (2017) by Bruno Ponte Corvo deals with views of the Savoy capital linked by a double fil rouge: the fantastic element – represented by the sets, the festive
apparatuses and the pure fantasy views in which existing buildings and others are combined invented – and the presence of water. In fact, the history of Turin has always been linked to the lively participation of the river, which often appears in the form of an elderly person who pours water from a vase. As in the fantastic whims of Pusole, water passes through the city and becomes the protagonist of the images.

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Dimensions 48.5 × 35.3 cm