Emma Cavigliasso | Photographic proof


Photographic proof

2017, Villarbasse

Photographic paper

Cm 30x20cm

Unique piece, in the occasion of ” A possible landscape” 20021-2022, and authenticate



What I write to you has no beginning: it’s a continuation. (1)
Something makes me stop. I observe.
I decide to stop that something.
It is the moment that vanishes, quick and vulnerable: thoughts constantly oscillate between what has already been and all other possible outcomes while the present moves forward.
If I catch it, I can protect it, replay it; I can look at it again to see it better, understand it, or even just not forget it.
It is an ordinary situation that can recur, yet it is always new: the reverberation of light on a wall, the emphasis of a colour, the shape behind a glass, geometries and movements, the irony of a composition, an enchanting presence. I stopped and collected an endless series of fragments.
Together with their image, I also keep the memory of their perception and my emotional state at that moment: each shot builds a future memory, an anthology of the feelings I felt.

What I write to you has no beginning: it’s a continuation.
My photographic research began almost unconsciously in 2012, contended between the desire to record the passing of time and the terrible encounter with the immensity of memory, and led to a project that is still ongoing. ‘A possible landscape’ is an open archive where the instances of ordinary moments converge, a meditation on the fragility of the present that eludes the awareness of everyday life.

(1)Clarice Lispector, Água viva, New Directions Publishing 2012, English translation

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