Prima Idea_Vol.1 con Tertesa Giannico

24.05.2022 – 28.05.2022


“An idea, a concept, an idea as long as it remains an idea is only an abstraction. If I could eat an idea, I would have made my revolution.”  Giorgio Gaber

Bringing contemporary art into healthcare settings and everyday life. Providing young people with the opportunity to explore an artist’s work from the moment the creative spark ignites, and then understand and retrace their design practice. It is with these intentions that in 2021, a collaboration between DEAR onlus and Oggetti Specifici gave birth to Prima Idea, a project that is part of the Robo&Bobo educational program, targeting preadolescent and adolescent patients (ages 11-18) in the Pediatric Oncology and Child Neuropsychiatry departments of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin.

During the workshops held during the inaugural edition of Prima Idea (2021-22), the young people draw inspiration from the work of the artist Teresa Giannico, exploring her creative process through various stages, starting from the generative phase of the artistic project. Contemporary art becomes the common ground to learn and expand individual and collective perspectives, to discover the potential of shared design. The young people have the opportunity to experiment firsthand, to be part of the process as initiators and creators, pondering the value of ideas, seeking connections between action and thought. In this way, art is not experienced as an entity imposed from above but as a proactive experience, as an idea in transformation.

Prima Idea now steps out of the hospital and arrives at Oggetti Specifici; the exhibition setup will include a selection of research material and preparatory work by Teresa Giannico, as well as the works created by the young people during the workshops inspired by her.