Silvia Margaria

Silvia Margaria (Savigliano-Cuneo, 1985). She lives and works in Turin.
In 2010 she obtained a II level degree at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.
Silvia Margaria spent three years in the film archive of the Cineteca of the National Cinema Museum of Turin, in the film inspection and cataloging sector. Her artistic work is inspired by this experience, in which the images were made of light, changes, wounds and memory; her practice seeks nature, understood in its process of appearance, with a work of observation of its flow.
The overlap, the juxtaposition and the coincidence, understood as investigation methodologies, allow it to practice attempts at reconciliation of opposites to conserve / lose, resistance / change, value / defect, individuality / relationship, precariousness / stability.
Her recent exhibits include Secret. Traces of memory, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa (2020); Arteam Cup, Villa Nobel, Sanremo (2019) – Overall Winner; Anthologìa, Opere Scelte Gallery, Turin – personal exhibition (2019); Wheater Report, Galerie Hartwich, Sellin auf Rügen, Germany (2018); Wir nennen es arbeit, Botschaft, Berlin (2018); Derive, Opere Scelte Gallery, Turin (2017); Punctum. Working Papers, Intesa San Paolo Skyscraper, Turin (2016); Dreamers, Ettore Fico Museum, Turin (2016); [Rapidity], Villa Brivio, Nova Milanese – personal exhibition (2016).
Silvia Margaria has been a member of Progetto Diogene (www.progettodiogene.eu) since 2018.