Andreas Senoner | Studio per “Skins” (Study for “Skins”)


Studio per “Skins” (Study for “Skins”)
Multicolor textiles
Cm 18,5×6,7×13

Unique piece, authenticated

In this study on materials we can see layers of stratified and pressed textiles. Those are fabrics coming from clothes belonging to the artist, used for experiments on materials,
stratification and colors. For several years now Senoner has combined the production of artworks with phases in which he explores materials and shapes, drawing the guidelines for new concepts and aesthetic languages. His studio is always surrounded by different works to which he attends simultaneously. Sometimes the processes that brings him to
the finished works lasts only a few days, others months. The drafts, the experimentations and the works deriving from them are always evolving bodies.

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Dimensions 18.5 × 6.7 × 13 cm